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Jerome Clay was born and raised in Stockton and attended local schools.  Upon graduation, he went into the United States Air Force.  After completing his tour of duty, he went on to serve in the Air National Guard.

Upon completing his military service, Jerome earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Humphreys University in Stockton.  He then pursued his legal education at Humphrey’s Law School where he graduated with a Maters Degree in Legal Studies.  Jerome is a published author writing the book, “How Can I Fix My Credit”, which explains the importance of financial literacy.

In addition to his legal education, Jerome also has a Paralegal Studies certificate from the Boston University and a Master of Law in Taxation from the University of San Francisco.  While studying for the California Bar Exam, Jerome interned with the San Joaquin Public Defenders Office and completed an externship with the Third District Court of Appeals in Sacramento.  Through these experiences, he has gained a deep understanding and appreciation for the criminal justice system and the importance of fair and equal treatment for all.

Jerome is dedicated to the community and is an active volunteer with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People for many years.  As 2nd Vice President, he has advocated for the rights and equality of all people.  He also serves as a youth advisor, providing guidance and support for Stockton’s young people.

In addition to his work in the legal profession, Jerome is also a devoted father and community advocate.


Tow The Line On City Government.

President of the International Student Association

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Member of the Human Rights Council at the United Nations

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Deputy Governor of the City of Austin

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Leading The Party

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Jerome Clay for Stockton City Council - District 4

New Leadership building Stockton's Future